Hello Lake Diamond Friends and Neighbors!!


The 4th of July is a fun day when families, friends and neighbors get together to celebrate the birth of the United States of America.

At Lake Diamond we’ve had a tradition of closing the day with a great fireworks display. We don’t need to fight traffic, parking and the crowd anywhere else. It’s one of many reasons we love it here.

It’s great to see so many families, their kids, friends and neighbors put down their blankets and lawn chairs on the 10th fairway and in Lake View Park at dusk to enjoy the show. But to make it happen depends on the donations and generosity of Lake Diamond supporters. As much as we might like, LDPOA cannot underwrite this activity as the cost of insurance is prohibitive.


Former resident Tom Zimmer has agreed to purchase and set the fireworks off. Tom’s work, dedication, time and expertise – as a volunteer is greatly appreciated. Please help make it happen – again.


Donations last year ranged from $20 to $250. Whatever you can give all goes toward our fireworks ‘spectacular’ – and is appreciated.Tom Zimmer will be making the purchase and pick-up of fireworks the latter part of June. Our goal is to collect all donations by the 3rd week of June.


Anyone wishing to donate by check (cash is preferred) please make it out to Amanda Ortiz with Lake Diamond Fireworks in the memo section.  Feel free to drop the money off to me at 36 Lake Diamond Blvd under the front door mat ( you can also give it to Bill Hall).  I’ll keep you posted on our progress of donations!!! Let’s make this the best year yet!!



Fireworks Volunteers,

Amanda Ortiz  (352) 816-7928, Bill Hall, Tom Zimmer