President - Pete Conley

Vice President - James Hogue

Vice President - Bonnie Johnson

Treasurer - Todd Miller

Secretary - Bill Hall

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Steve Cook

Steve Cook

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Dear New Lake Diamond Residents:

Welcome to our Lake Diamond Neighborhood! The Lake Diamond Golf Association (LDGA) would like to tell you about our association and invite you to join us. We provide numerous weekly league events for both ladies and men. They are open to members of all abilities and handicap levels.  Generally, the men’s league plays 18 holes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, Thursday afternoon and Sunday at noon. Ladies play 18 holes on Wednesday and Friday mornings and Sundays at 11:00am. If there are not enough ladies playing on those scheduled days, then individual ladies are welcome to play with the men at their scheduled times.  On Tuesdays, the ladies play a fun 9-hole game and you do not have to be an LDGA member; it’s a great way for ladies to meet fellow players and get familiar with our golf course.

Most teams are randomly drawn so everyone gets to know each golfer. In addition, the LDGA sponsors about nine tournaments each year. All LDGA events are handicap driven which levels the playing field. Entry fees for weekly games are nominal and all entry fees go back to the game winners. Although the game entry fees do not include greens fees, the golf course offers Lake Diamond residents a 10% discount from their already reasonable rates and in some cases, a special rate is given for golf tournaments.

Each tournament has its own fun format (usually a scramble), which is entertaining and fair to all levels of players. The tournaments are open to men and women LDGA members. The tournament entry fees range between $15.00 and $25.00, which includes a lunch and funds for the prize money. Greens fees are extra.

The annual fee for LDGA membership currently is $25.00. Also, if a member wishes, s/he can join the hole-in-one pot for $5.00. Once a member joins the hole-in-one pot, the fees only becomes due again when a member gets a hole-in-one. The hole-in-one must occur during league or LDGA sponsored tournament play.

As a new resident, we invite you to join us for three league plays as a trial membership without cost. We hope to see you and your family on the course and would greatly appreciate your participation in our fun and interesting organization!

Kathy Berning

2017 LDGA President