We are pleased to present this new website to the Lake Diamond community. The Web address will remain unchanged: lakediamondpoa.net.

Advances in website software will make it easier to keep information on the site current.  We also will now have the ability to introduce new functionality including  interactive  capabilities.  These could be in the form of Discussion forums, Lake Diamond Classified's etc.

The new site will contain all of the same information as the original - hopefully easier to navigate with topics segmented by subject.    This being said, it is a change, and it may take some patience to become familiar with the site.

Previously, the Property Owners Financial Information and Annual Reports were open to anyone visiting our site.  They will be password protected going forward, as is the "Community Directory" listing which can be found in the POA Management Tab on the Home Page. 


The Password which was used for the Community Directory will work for all password protected portions of the site.

We are open to suggestions, pictures and any ideas you would like to share with us about how to make this a usuful tool for the community.