Lake Diamond Board of Directors

Frank Marino, President

Todd Craig, Vice President

Tom Godart, Treasurer

Jean Beagan, Secretary

Luis Arran, Director

Lake Diamond Property Owner's Association Mission



To Support the interests of its members, preserve and enhance the quality of life of its residents, enhance property values and the natural environment while managing the Association in a cost effective manner.




  • Members are aware of, and active in, the welfare of the community and their neighbors.

  • Members take pride and personal interest in the beauty of the community and their own piece of it - and committed to sustain it.

  • Members willingly participate in reasonable financial support for the community.

  • Members work to ensure the community is safe.

  • Members enjoy the quality of life.


  • Ensure the financial stability of the association.

  • Enforce the Covenants and Restrictions appropriately for a deed restricted community.

  • Support a variety of social and recreational activities that add to the livability and sense of neighborliness.

  • Enhance the property values in the Lake Diamond Community.

  • Communicate regularly with the members.

  • Support efforts of the golf course owner and declarant to improve and enhance those properties.

  • Be open and creative in problem solving.